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Who we are

We are a small shop located east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in custom and online orders.  We at Full Range LLC are family owned and operated. We have a passion for building things right and making our customers happy. Full Range LLC stems from our need for products that we need or wanted that were not meeting our desired needs. After searching for the products that we wanted and needed and not coming up with the right ones we decided to build what we believed was the right products ourselves. We don't want others to have the same frustrations as we did trying to find what we wanted so Full Range LLC was born in an effort to help others avoid our same frustrations.


About the owner

Full Range LLC was founded by Troy Bennett in 2021. His passion for building and making unique metal pieces started way before that. At the end of his senior year in college Troy decided to leave his job to pursue his passion and share it with the world. 

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